Biloela — Wild Cockatoos, Leila Jeffreys

Fuck anyone that makes you feel like less of an artist for making the art you want to make.
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Paintings by JW Jeong | http://jw-jeong.deviantart.com


Bo Christian Larsson, acrylics on photograph.


when your teacher assigns an art project and everybody knows you’re an artist


Wayne White’s Instagram might be the ultimate Show Your Work! example. So great.

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Gallery of great French officers (pt. 2), Imagerie Pellerin, 1860.


time to go shopping part 2?


the sexual tension between your soul and zelda music

list of bird facts


  • birds dont give a shit about your haircut
  • birds make noise early in the morning because they know that people have to get up for work in a few hours
  • cuckoo birds lay their eggs in the nests of other birds because they are notorious alcoholics and unfit to raise a child
  • birds do not actually have calls and are in fact speaking in tongues to raise the dead
  • birds dont care if you live or die

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sick of tumblr teens treating danny devito like a joke

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The end credits of game of thrones are on a black background specifically so you can see the look of horror on your face reflected in your computer screen

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I freakin’ love Tyrion Lannister

I freakin’ love Tyrion Lannister